We now have a community compost scheme up and running in the Community Garden!

If you’d like to join in, just take your offerings down to the garden. You’ll find a clearly marked compost heap in the bottom right hand corner. Just open the lid and tip it in!

  • Yes please: peelings etc from fruit and veg; garden waste but nothing too woody. Newspaper wrappings are fine, and some packaging is designed to be composted nowadays. Egg shells should be well crushed.
  • No thank you: anything that has been cooked including bread products; any meat or dairy products.

The compost heap has been made secure from pests, so should not cause any nuisance. Once the compost heap has done it’s magic, the compost it produces will be used to fill window boxes, hanging baskets and planters in the area. Bishophill will bloom from your banana skins and potato peelings! We’ve already had one lot of successful compost, which has been free for people to take away.

Never composted before? Once you get into the habit of separating out your compostables, it’s not too much effort. You’ll find it useful to have a container you use just for your collection (a handle and lid are useful, but if you are emptying it regularly it shouldn’t get smelly). And if the garden is on your regular route into town or work, you could always leave your container somewhere discrete in the garden and collect it on the way home!