The Community Garden is a small but lovely area of green within Bishophill. A couple of years ago, a group of residents got together with a plan to do some gardening there. With the support of the Diocese of York, they have been busy doing just that. It makes sense in an area where few people have gardens of their own.

The plan is pretty simple – an area of ‘wild’, an area of lawn for recreation, and an area for planting. Because the garden is still a graveyard, digging is kept to a minimum, and the idea is to avoid formal flower beds.

The garden is open access, and a great place to sit and think, take a picnic, run around with the kids or just watch the turning of the seasons. It is also a venue for other events, such as the solstice and equinox celebrations, fetes and the like.

If you’d like to get involved, you can turn up either to a gardening day, or to the gardening meeting, or both.

Gardening: generally 1st and 3rd Saturdays in the month at 10.30am in the garden – come along and have a look for yourself, get some pointers for what needs doing, or bring along your own ideas and see how these fit in. People also garden at a time that suits them and, when the light allows, we try to do an hour or so before the monthly meeting.

Meeting: 1st Tuesday of each month, 8pm in the back room of the Golden Ball (this is a joint meeting for any/all community groups in the area – it’s an informal meeting, over a pint or two, where people can share ideas and get to know each other).

The Community Garden (Bishophill Senior) is the site of what was St. Mary’s Church, Bishophill Senior, taken down in the 1960’s. The footprint of the church is still visible, having been outlined in stone, set into the grass.

St Clements website has more information.