Have you noticed that the timing on the pedestrian crossing on Nunnery Lane has changed? It used to snap to red during the school run or when the road was empty. Now it takes ages – regardless of the time of day or traffic flow.

Local resident Paul Foulkes has noticed, and he says that because of the fixed time delay ‘we have cars racing through, often on red, and pedestrians simply walking across or avoiding using the lights at all because the wait is so long.’

He is trying to persuade the council to put the lights back to the way they were, but they are insisting that everything is operating normally. We know it’s not and Paul is concerned that the new inefficient crossing could cause an accident. Please help us prevent that.

If you agree with Paul and want to see an ‘intelligent’ crossing on Nunnery Lane then email Kris Thellmann at the Council ( and ask to put the lights back to the way they were.