Bishophill iOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAs experiencing a significant increase in graffiti. (37 incidents over a 4 day period). The Bonding Warehouse has been hit  again with 2 very large tags visible from Skeldergate bridge.

The incidents are reported and recorded on the York Council graffiti TAGGY database (Taking Action Against Graffiti York) but they do not  appear on the Police crime database. To be a recordable crime they must be reported by someone seeing the graffiti being carried out or the property owner which apparently seldom happens.  If graffiti is occurring on properties in your area could you encourage the property owner to report it to the police on 101 otherwise police chiefs don’t see the problem as a priority.

To tackle the problem which also blights many other areas of York the Police need descriptions or photos of artists at work or other evidence such as spray cans for fingerprinting. The police advise also that we should have no qualms about dialling 999 if we see persons carrying out graffiti.

Work is under way by businesses affected & Hillbillies to remove much of the graffiti.  York Council are arranging for a “Payback” team to clean up the Bonding warehouse. If you have graffiti you would like removing,  leave a message on the Hillbillies Community line (641664).

17 of the 37 incidents in Bishophill are down to the tag LAD or LADS. This is a new TAG. Another 13 are from a tagger who has been operating for some months. APROPPORA. A large tag, usually 3ft x 1ft appears on building along Skeldergate, The Bonding Warehouse, Bishophill Senior & Flats at bottom of Victor St. (As well as many locations throughout York).