Hi all

during the recent cold snap Colin and Will tried out the hand pushed pavement gritter on Bishophill Junior, Fetter Lane and Buckingham St . It worked a treat.

Now we’re after one person per street to grit the pavement when ice or snow is forecast. We have 5 volunteers so far but still need folk to do Kyme St.  Fairfax St, Hampden St, Victor St & Priory St.

So we are asking if you can spend 15 mins gritting the pavement of your street   That’s it. After that it’s up to your neighbours if they want to clear the snow & ice. If they do it will be exponentially easier once gritted and they will be eternally grateful to you, baking you cakes and cleaning your windows.

If you can help please use the form below to send us your details and Colin will be in touch with full instructions!